Turning the Page

Hello friends! I hope all of you are having a wonderful start to your September. Though I don’t want summer to end, I’m excited to see what fall has in store for us!

It’s so crazy to think that this week, I started my last first day of classes and it’s even crazier to think of how far I’ve come since transferring to the college I go to now. I’ve gone through a lot of growth and change in a year since I started out. I’m honestly proud of where I’m going and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

Speaking of which, today’s blog post is going to be about change– more specifically– how it is inevitable.

It’s a stone cold fact. The pages of our lives are constantly turning, whether we like it or not.

It’s something that has been harped on in many of my blog posts (click here, here, and here). But what hasn’t been harped on is how we can never fully turn the pages of our lives as confidently as we’d like, if we’re stuck reading the page before it.

Am I making sense?

So what I mean to say is this: We need to be able to move into the next big thing in our lives. With no fear and total confidence about what lies ahead. And the question I want to ask all of you is: What good lies in staying in the past?

Re-reading the same pages does not allow us to move forward, it makes us stuck and comfortable.

It does not allow us to grow, change or adapt. We grow comfortable in our comfort zone…

The fact of the matter is, we don’t want to feel stuck or comfortable where nothing can influence us.

We want to grow.

To live.

To be impacted by our experiences, in positive and negative ways.

Life is meant to be lived outside of our comfort zones!

And it’s easier said than done.

I’m not saying that I’ve never been stuck in my comfort zone or that I’ve never been stuck in my past. I have.

What I’m saying is, I’ve been exactly where you are. And that’s okay.

As someone who does a lot of self-reflection, there is a way of doing this without feeling like you’re completely living in the past.

The way I do it is I look at my past as something I can learn from. I look at it with clear eyes and I don’t let it hold me back because in the end, the past is the past. There’s nothing that can be done once something has already happened.

You get up, dust yourself off and you move on.

Again, I’m not saying that this is an easy thing to do. It has taken me time, acceptance and some therapy to help me reach that point.

Know that if you’re having a tough time letting go of what was… You’re not alone. Understand that there are a lot of things that were– and maybe still are– out of your control.

When you turn the page, you are welcoming a new beginning.

When I was at work the other day, I saw a quote that said “Old ways will not open new doors”. Essentially, you can’t move into the next step of your life if you keep re-reading the same page.

So if you’re thinking that by just reading and re-reading the page before you turn it is going to help you figure out the next page in your life… Guess again!

Life is unpredictable, things happen out of nowhere, and it’s all beyond your control.

So just turn the page and see what lies ahead 🙂

Sending love and light your way,

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