When I was about 12, I saw this word in a vocab workbook that I had.

“What does dynamic mean?” I asked my teacher.

“Well, in this context, it’s describing a person who is very positive, creative and is full of energy,” Responds the teacher, as they looked over at me.

“Wow! That word describes me.” I say, amazed at the new word.

“When I saw the word, I thought of you and said to myself, ‘I can see that this is Karen in one word’” They said. Little did they know that on that day, I would regard the word ‘dynamic’ as one of my favorite words in the English language.

Even now as a twenty something, I still continue to be this way. My creativity has played an integral role in my everyday life. I am always thinking of new and fresh ideas to bring to this blog. I get such an invigorating feeling when I write about my experiences and try to relate it to the topic of the moment.

 Every stumble, trip, fall, and even faceplants on the journey of life lead us to where we are meant to be in the present moment.

 Telling our stories are what make us human, they are what drive us to become who we are and motivate us to work towards greatness in the future as successful individuals.

My blog speaks from my heart. With each post, my aim is to inform you about a myriad of topics such as…

  • Lifestyle hacks
  • Relationship advice
  • Embracing your most authentic self

And so much more.

I share parts of my life with you to show you and to give you tools to be better equipped when similar situations arise.  

I hope my story, as it continues, helps you on your journey of life.

Sending lots of love and light your way,

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