Having It all Together

Hey all! Happy St. Patty’s day! I hope y’all are doing great and are enjoying spring break wherever y’all are, my spring break is wrapping up. I didn’t go anywhere, other than to work and spending my free time catching up on… new shows haha.

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On the surface, it seems like people have it all.

A good life

A good house/living situation

Good friends and family

But there are moments where you don’t get to see what is behind the scenes. You only see what is being presented or put out there, which is almost always something so glamorous.

Which kinda sucks if you’re someone who sees that and wants to live a glamorous life like the kinds you see floating around on social media.

I remember feeling that way prior to starting my first year of college. As many of you know, I was depressed before my first year of college. When I committed to my college, I started seeing people on social media who were also committing to the same school, meeting up with each other. I remember thinking, “wow, these people are definitely going to be best friends,” or “where do I fit in?” or even “wow, these people definitely have their shit together.”

When, in reality, that wasn’t the case at all. As pre-college students, most of us did not have our shit together. We only met up with these people at school events, just to get to know them, not because we were already friends with them.

I didn’t go to many events that the school hosted, only because the commute to the school itself was an hour long, and I thought that those events would ultimately set the stone for the rest of my college career. When, in reality, I ended up going to that school for only a year and I transferred over to another school.

From that moment on, I quickly learned that everything that you see portrayed out there isn’t always going to be what it is.

The way that we, as humans, handle perception of specific situations (like how glamorous we may think someone’s life is) is we fixate on that idea of them and we totally disregard the fact that they’re a human who has just as many flaws as you and I do. We perceive things to be one thing but it actually ends up being something completely different entirely!

A lot of times people just don’t share their flaws as often because it probably isn’t part of their “image” that they put out to the world. People go through a lot of shit behind the scenes, yet no one knows about it, simply because they refuse to have a light be shone on the less glamorous aspects of their life.

And that’s totally fine. It’s their life after all. What you don’t know can’t hurt you, right?

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Besides, in some cases, we only see what we want to see. When this happens, people drive themselves crazy because they think they know for sure about someone else’s situation, when in actuality, they don’t. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Sending you a ton of love and light your way,

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