Taking My Own Advice

Hey all! I hope all is well with you and that spring time is feeling like summer wherever you are! I’ve been really busy with school this past week, getting my resume looked at and meeting with my advisor for course next semester, but overall I can say that everything is going well and I’m happy to say that I’m getting closer and closer to my goals!

But today, I wanna talk to you all about something a little personal… and that’s a little something called taking my own advice.

Now, If you’re someone like me, you’re someone who goes through life mainly asking for advice and then occasionally being the one who gives advice, but never really taking your own advice, this one’s for youuuuuu.

In other words, what I’m saying is if you’re someone who listens to people and gives them very sound advice, but when you’re in a similar situation where you don’t know what to do, that’s totally normal.

Why though?

Well, because when we see others in a situation, we know what to do, because we can see and think logically on how to go about it. We can see how a situation can pan out because we have the birdseye view.

Whereas if it’s something that we’re dealing with on our own, we don’t have the ability to look at the situation from a birds eye view, because we are so emotionally invested in it. It’s kind of like we’re in a maze. But if you try to take your emotions out of it, there is a way to see how to handle a situation, it just takes a lot of time and patience with oneself.

From time to time, I get told that I am very, very in tune with my emotions, and that’s fine and dandy, but it does affect the way I’ve handled situations in the past.

The way I’ve handled situations in the past was basically: I would act on my emotions, say things I don’t really mean, and ultimately, lose an argument, because my feelings got the best of me.

In fact, I’ve always hated confrontation. I’m not one to fight, unless I see a reason to.

The best way I’ve learned to tackle an argument was to take my feelings out of it and learn more to operate from a place of logic. Even though my being emotional is just a part of who I am, there are certain ways to work around it.

If you’re someone like me, know that this is something that you can work out so that you can take your emotions out of the situation when the time is right.

Truthfully, that’s still a work in progress and that’s okay.

In fact, I find myself preaching a lot about what to do in certain situations, like laughing at your own mistakes and it being okay to fail, but I never actually follow through on that. It seems like I have it all together, but I really don’t and I do have moments where I’ll beat myself up over the littlest things! It happens. But I breathe and I get through it.

And you will too.

Now I’m at a point in my life where I’m learning to take the advice I’ve given out and applying that in my own life! I find that I don’t really need to depend on another person (or people) to help me navigate situations.

The way I see it is if the outcome is good and everyone’s happy, then I’ve done something good and I’ve navigated my way through the situation smoothly.

But if the outcome of a certain situation is bad, it’s a lesson learned and navigating through it will become easier in time.

Learn to rest on your own advice and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better you!

Sending tons of love and light your way,

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