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Hello Hello, all! Happy New Year to all of you. I recently went to Aruba with my family and let me just say that there’s nothing like the sun, sea and surf out on “One Happy Island”. I had a blast with my family, taking in the pristine waters, the dry-but occasionally breezy-climate and absolutely GORGEOUS sunsets, all while winding down the year.

I love traveling. I mean for crying out loud, I’m a lifestyle and travel blogger. I think now is a good time to talk about something super important, travel-wise, that not a lot of people think about the moment they book their flight and hotel room, which is… How do I save money on a trip spanning anywhere between 4-7 days or more?

A lot of times, it doesn’t hit us until after we make the booking for the flight and hotel that we realize we need to save money, in order to have the freedom to enjoy all the things we want to enjoy when we’re on a grand adventure.

So without further ado, I’m going to give all of you the tips and tricks you need so that you can be a saver!

Go to the Grocery Store Before and During Travel

One fantastic way to save your money, is to limit the amount of times you go out to eat. I get that when going to a new country, you want to try every cuisine they have, but all of that tends to add up.

So if you intend on Airbnb-ing it or staying in a hotel that has its own stove top followed by pots and pans, make sure you go food shopping.

You are allowed to bring whole milk, preferably something that is fit to travel with, such as parmalat milk and you are allowed to bring dry cereal with you, just as long as it is in a closed container or baggie.

When you get to your destination, make sure to go food shopping for the perishable items, like eggs, veggies and fruits, etc.

Take for example, my family and I. We are a family of four who is very conscious of what we spend, so we made sure to cook as much as we could at our hotel so that we could have the luxury of going out at dinner.

Pack Light!

If you are just reading this, head over to my previous blog post (click here to read) to learn about the secrets of packing!

Make sure to be familiar with your baggage allowances, because if you go over the baggage allowance it’ll cost you a bit and some airlines charge for any extra baggage you decide to bring with you prior (or after) to taking your flight.

Snag A Rental!

Okay so not exactly snag, but book a rental car prior to your trip. My family and I almost always book a rental car, because the taxi service is one area that’ll eat you up financially, if you’re planning on going out often.

Even though the fee may be high, it is a lot better than paying, day by day, the varying taxi fees. So pay the one time rental fee, and make sure you don’t break anything, crash the car, or mess it up.

Book Any Activities Prior to Your Trip

One way to save money, is to do your research. Find out what activities there are to do through sites like tripadvisor and other tourism sites! I found out that Aruba does a sunset cruise and we ended up booking it for the Sunday that we were there!

Make sure though, that you are booking your activities through trusted websites. Another thing is, don’t go into full-blown “I’M GOING TO DO IT ALL” mode, because you have to see where your budget is and if you are going to be able to do these activities, keep in mind what days would work best.

I was in Aruba for only 4 days, if we didn’t do anything, it was because the price of an activity was too high for all four of us. For example, Aruba has this activity where you can rent ATV’s and go along the Natural Bridge. As I was doing my research of Aruba’s activities, I saw that the price per person was about 100-160 dollars.

If anything, please please please, make sure you have a defined budget. Know that you can splurge a little on a couple of activities, but keep in mind that you can make up your own activities, like going to the beach and staying there the entire day or going out to eat or walking around the city area.

Walk Around

If the place you’re staying at is in a city or is near a beach, make the opportunity to walk around a bit. You don’t always need a car to get you from point A and B sometimes! You could walk around and see what there is and like I’ve said before, make up your own activities and save whatever money is leftover for souvenirs to bring back!

I hope this helps and as always thanks for stopping by all! Be sure to follow me on instagram to catch all my adventures!

Sending a ton of love and light your way,

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