5 Hard Truths of 2022

Hi hello hey friends! I hope all is well

With the end of the year in literally 3 days, It’s crazy to think that this year is coming to an end.

I mean can we just sit back and think that just a couple of months ago we were two totally different people?

With different goals coming in…

Different ways of looking at things…

and different situations we walked into this year.

and a lot of times, we came out of hardships stronger than we have ever been.

Think about the times you were face-to-face with your battles–and won them.

Now think about what those hardships taught you, that resilience, that grace, that renewed sense of hope, and let those be the reminders you need to light your way into 2023.

So without further ado, let’s jump in to my HARDEST truths from this past year…

If something is too good to be true, it’s because it is…

So I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Earlier this year, I dated someone for 4 months

And long story short, I felt that the way he treated me was too good to be true

When something is too good to be true, it’s because it is and true colors start to become known

3 months in and this person’s true colors came out and they weren’t pretty.

The relationship turned pretty toxic and I later realized that I deserve better

No response is a response

I learned that if someone doesn’t want to continue a conversation, I shouldn’t be forcing it.

And instead of searching for answers as to why we never received the response, we should accept it as it is.

The answer will reveal itself in time.

Resting on this, is what will help you move forward

Stop trying to be someone you are not

Ugh, how crazy is this?!

We are all in our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, etc and we still find ourselves in patterns of gaining affection through being something we are not.


It’s to gain approval from someone and that is something I vowed to myself to never do moving forward.

Entering this year, I focused on things that were not authentic to who I am and the values I hold now.

I had to let go of a lot of these things, such as people pleasing tendencies so that I could live more uninhibited.

More free to be me.

I grew to learn to love myself, as I am.

If you have to beg for the bare minimum from someone, leave

Oof this one. This one was huge for me.

I realized that a lot of the things that I was looking for when I was dating, such as:






Time Spent together


Were all things that are considered the bare minimum.

The fact that I thought that expressing my needs to someone was too much and then later realizing that they were just the bare minimum, was when I realized I needed to leave.

Let go of people who don’t align with your values

This one goes hand in hand with the previous truth I mentioned.

Only it solidifies the fact that I needed to not only reconnect with my authentic self, but also back up and follow suit by having people in my life who reflect the values I have.

Surrounding myself with the best people who hold me accountable in my goals, remind me of my values, has been super beneficial in my life.

What are some of your hard truths? Let me know in the comments!

I’m so thankful you’re here.

Sending a ton of love and light your way,

graphic created by: Athena Estonactoc

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