Navigating Roofing in Your 20’s

Navigating your twenties can be a really exciting time in your life. Perhaps you just graduated college and are embarking on a new journey, in a new city with a brand new big job!

Whatever the changes are, it’s a thrill to see how it unfolds.  Maybe you purchased a house and are settling into married life. One of the big things that happen in our twenties can be getting engaged, getting married, and purchasing your first home together as a married couple. 

While this is a big milestone in life, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities and upkeep on your part. There are several DIY things you attempt but if there is one big piece of advice I can give, its to hire a professional when it comes to your roof. 

Your roof is the backbone of your home. It will take the brunt of all sorts of intense weather depending where you live. It’s there protecting you from wind, falling trees, hail and heavy snow. You’ll want to find a quality exterior that specializes in roof repair and maintenance. You’ll want to make sure you know when it’s time to call someone to help you and your family.

Here are some things to think about prior to getting your roof fixed:

How Old Is Your Roof

Roofs have a life cycle and need to be replaced usually around every 20-25 years. If you bought your home and it’s around that time frame and it has not been replaced, that is a problem. Sometimes roofs can last less time and sometimes they can last a bit longer. Every year that your roof lasts past twenty years though without leaking is only making it closer to when you do need to get it replaced. Your best bet would be to call an expert to have it checked just to be safe. 

See Any Cracks

– If you are seeing a few cracked shingles then now is the time to consider calling a roofing company. A few cracked shingles might not seem like much but it does need replacing and soon. If you are seeing a lot of them through the roof, this is a clear sign that the shingles have aged out and they need to get new ones right away. 

Water Damage

Water damage can happen anywhere but you might not consider that you can have water damage on your ceiling from your roof. If you see any sort of water stains something has gone wrong with your roof. There could be a problem with your downspout or your gutter. Remember that leaks only get worse so if you are seeing even the smallest of stains be sure to get it looked at soon so that it can get cleared up as quickly as possible.

Clear Out Your Gutters

Similar to water damage, you’ll want to try and prevent that. One thing you can do is make sure at the beginning of each season to clean your gutters. There are all sorts of debris spilling from overhang trees nearby, animals climbing on and off your roof as well as other items that might have gotten stuck and forgotten up there. 

Are Your Neighbors Getting A New Roof?

Even if you just moved to your new neighborhood, talk to your neighbors and ask if they are or when they are going to get a new roof. If everyone’s homes were built around the same time, chances are that everyone is going to be replacing them all around the same time. 

Perhaps if you talk to a roofing company, there might be some sort of discount if he does thirty houses in the neighborhood rather than just three. 

Image: Peter’s Roofing Company

Calling A Pro

When you want to have someone come out and check your roof, you want to make sure you are calling someone who is experienced and a great quality. If you live in the New Jersey area, you should call Peter’s Roofing Company. This company specializes in roof repairs, gutters, siding, skylights, and more. The experts in New Jersey EPDM roofing, their employees are expert estimators who can help determine which roof is the best for your home as well as your budget. When it’s time to install, they pay careful attention to the timeline and your budget to make sure everything is up to your standards, safety, and quality. 

If you find yourself in a big bump in the road, especially being a newlywed, purchasing a new home, or just not sure what to call, you at least have a few tips to look back on, a professional to call, and a bit of worry off your shoulders. 

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