Looking Ahead

Hey y’all! I hope all of you are doing well and are enjoying the summer sunshine that is upon us! I have come out of a hiatus and I look forward to sharing with all of you, in this post, some clarity that I have gained, in the process!

A while back, I was sitting in bible study and we were talking about Matthew 13, verses 1-9 and basically it talks about how there are 4 kinds of soil; a path, rocky soil, smooth soil, and a thorny ground.

And my leader drew out the different kinds of soil and then asked us, what does it all mean?

Some of us said that it reminds us of values, others have said the kind of life that we have had, faith, etc. There is no right answer as the bible is something that can be interpreted in so many different ways. The way that I saw it was the soil, symbolizes the foundation of our lives. Foundation meaning the way we have been brought up, our family life, and personal life, what we did during the summers, where we have decided to go to school, etc.

Regardless of any influences we have had in our lives, all of this has played a role in molding us into the people that we are today.

And a big question that I wanted to ask is: what has gotten you up to this point?

Some of us come from broken homes, others come from a home where there are a lot of people, while others come from an open/welcoming home, and others come from very well off families.

What I’m trying to say is: regardless of where you come from, regardless of what advantages/disadvantages you have had, you’re here and it’s gotten you up to this point.

You’re alive. You are sitting here, reading this blog post, regardless of what your frame of reference is, you’re here. You’re at a point in your life where, hopefully, you’re successful, or maybe you’re working to make ends meet–and that’s okay!

These situations that we come face to face with on a daily basis, are something really unique. Not everyone is paying their way through college or paying for their own things. Not everyone has a successful job or comes from a family that is well off.

I’ve been around and I’ve seen it all. These situations define our character, but they don’t define us.

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We are not defined by our moments, but rather we are defined by our character. How we rise up from these situations is what really matters in the end. They help us, in essence, become the people we need to be.

Regardless of where you come from, what you’ve gone through, it’s gotten you this far.

My advice: do not quit. If anything, just keep moving forward.

We all have things we have to do, like working x amount of hours per week, to make sure we get that money.

Or if you’re a stay at home parent, you have responsibilities that you need to get done because everyone is counting on you to see them through.

Your role in other people’s lives, is so, so important.

Even though it may not feel that way, we play a role in other people’s lives, much like how situations play a role in getting us to where we are today.

Hey People help mold us into who we are, as well. Regardless of if those people are no longer with us or there was a falling out, they played a role in our lives.

Just know that, whatever you go through, it’s going to mold you into a different person. Situations can be negative or positive, but it’s up to you to decide if this situation is going to mold you into a cold person or a more aware person.

It’s crazy to me that we can change behaviors. Sometimes, it takes one really bad situation for us to really, really understand that we cannot continue the way we have been going through life handling it in the ways that we have.

The negative situations in our lives are not and will not be forever. As I’ve said in a previous blog post, we need to go through absolute shit, in order to really appreciate the positive outcome that follows afterwards and understand why we went through it.

Remember that a bad situation is always followed by an amazing situation.

Ultimately what I am trying to say is don’t worry too much about the situations that you go through.

Situations have the power to make you a better person for yourself and the people around you, but only if you let it.

There’s always, always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sending a ton of love and light your way,

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