My Love-Hate Relationship

So I’m gonna do something a little unconventional: a poem about my love-hate relationship– can you guess what it is? Read and find out!


I thought I’d track my macros on MyFitnessPal turns out it’s something I hate

I have to log whatever I ate

Make it a habit of trying to eat healthy foods on my plate

On top of that, everyday I have to track my bodyweight

I wanna be strong and toned by a specific date

But with all this good food I hold so dear, it’s almost impossible to not frustrate

I dedicate this all to my people who demonstrate

What it means to be fit and that we can’t deprecate

On how our bodies are, we cannot dissipate into what the media celebrates

Therefore, it is up for us to educate

what it means to be strong and designate A plan of action and concentrate

on what we want, not what the world emulates I don’t write to devastate but I write to captivate the minds of young individuals

We must deviate from societal influences and innervate all that is good for us

Our weights fluctuate It’s so easy to hesitate on what we should eat and integrate a set of healthy habits

It irritates me to see that I have to take my phone out every time I satiate my palate

I appreciate my body for all it does and

I may hate MyFitnessPal and may even down rate it

But one of my goals this year was to accentuate my body, care for it and regulate it.


I hope you found this empowering and if you would like to see more poems like this, let me know in the comments below!

Special thanks to Jamie Gist Writing for inspiring me! Go check out her work and show them some love!

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