10 Gift Ideas For The 20-Somethings In Your Life

Hey everyone! This post is not Christmas gift ideas, but rather gift ideas for people whose birthdays are AFTER Christmas, like mine (Aquarius in the houuuse!).

Are you tired of walking around aimlessly in brick and mortar stores looking for the perfect gift to give your sarcastic 20-something? Well look no further. I got just what you need and you don’t even need to set foot out the door!! So let’s get started!

So all of these things are going to be quick amazon buys that you can access from your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Number 1: If you know your 20-something and they aren’t the greatest with placing things in their place, like their car keys, house keys, etc. you should definitely get them the Tile Mate-Key Finder


With this Tile Mate, which can be clipped onto your car keys, you can actually set it up with an app that is similar to the find my iPhone app. It’s the same concept but if you know your 20-something is always missing something important, you should gift them with security from Tile.

Number 2: I used to drop my phone a lot and it wasn’t until I realized the consequences of that were pretty bad. I ended up getting a new phone and the one thing I made sure I had was a PopSocket


There are so many colors to choose from and  they are so easy to use! All your 20-something has to do is just remove the backing and attach the pop socket to the back of their phone! Not only does this help to prevent falls, but it also works as a nice kickstand for whenever your 20-something wants to watch their favorite shows!

  • Use promo code: 50IAHFUEA  on a Jaagd iPhone X case

Number 3: If your 20-something is always on their phone taking selfies, doing work, or exploring life through every music festival, then it might be a really good thing to get them a… Portable Power Bank


These things are honestly the best thing you can ever get for yourself or a loved one. They are so easy to use too! All you have to do is connect the USB charging cable to the power bank and connect it to your phone. BAM there you have it: your phone is charging on those day long festivals out in the west (yeah, I see you Coachella).

Number 4: If you always notice that your 20-something is all stressed and over worked from work, school, or just everyday stresses, make sure they make it a priority to unwind in 2018 and gift them something that will generate peace and relieve stress with an Essential Oils Diffuser 

Sketch (37).png

Essential oil diffusers are the best. There are so many essential oils to choose from and all you do is fill it up halfway with some water and add a couple of drops of the essential oils, turn on the diffuser and just watch as their worries drift away. It’s so easy to use and the best part is, YOUR 20-SOMETHING WON’T EVER NEED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE or set foot in a spa! Number 5: Essential oils sold separately here

Number 6: For the photographer in your life, why don’t you get them something that is a blast from the past, yeah that’s right, a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera


I actually have an Instax mini 8 and it’s honestly one of my prized possessions. I love anything that involves taking photos and keeping memories alive. If your 20-something is somewhat like me and loves to document every moment, every memory then get them this awesome camera.

Number 7: For the artist in your life, get them pens that’ll last and that’l give them the creative-edge they have always dreamed of, get them the Arteza Real Brush Pens and send them on their way to an artsy future. Who knows where it’ll take them, but one thing is for sure, you would be the one to help them get there.


One reviewer said, “Colors darken and don’t blend to well unless u dip the top of the brush on water to get that real water color look and feel but this set is still amazing and worth it! I use both with water and without.”

Number 8: Sketchbooks sold separately here

Number 9: If you have a loud and extroverted 20 something, gift them with something that expresses that, like a FANNY PACK!!!


Haha in all seriousness guys, I would totally buy this for myself, it is so extra, just like me, and fun. I can wear it with anything, I can wear it to the beach. Who the hell says that fanny packs are overrated?! Say what you will, but fanny packs have always been a staple to me. Get one for yourself or someone extra in your life, here

Number 10: On the self care side, if you see that your 20-something is in desperate need of some TLC, then this is for them. Burt’s Bees is literally THE BEST when it comes to taking care of oneself! This TLC kit comes equipped with Burt’s Bees essentials, like the deep cleansing cream, hand salve, body lotion, nice little lip balm, and foot cream! A gift like this will definitely lift their spirits!


Get it here

Let me know what you guys think about some of these gift ideas!

Thanks for reading!

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