Embracing Your Most Authentic Self Relationship Life

Cycles and Patterns

In life, we’re always in patterns we can’t shake, cycles we can’t break and it’s like Charlie Puth says in his song, “The Way I am”: I’mma tell ’em all I’mma tell ’em all that you could either hate me or love me But that’s just the way I am…  I get that and I […]

Embracing Your Most Authentic Self Managing Your Mental Health

3 Ways to Be A Better Friend

Hi guys! Welcome back to ADM. This summer, I’m interning at this local radio station, not far from where I live and I’ve been signing up for events left and right! One of my favorite things about this job, is that I get to meet so many people at different events. It’s definitely a steeping […]

Embracing Your Most Authentic Self

Lessons in Self-Love

Learn some ways to engage in self-love!

College life

Reflections On My College Journey

Hey y’all! Welcome back to ADM, I’m really glad I’ve finally gotten some time to sit down and just free flow with you guys. So quick question! Does anyone have those days where it starts off shitty, but then becomes a great day? For me, this past week has been like this. It’s been crazy, […]

Book Reviews

For the Love of Reading

Hey all and welcome back to ADM! I hope everyone (especially all my twenty-somethings who are out here grinding) has been doing well with the last month before summer break. Just keep staying mindful! So remember those new year’s resolutions? Well, one of my goals this year was to be well read. Being well read […]